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3 Valuable Tips To Ensure You Choose The Right Air-Conditioning System

by The Cooling Company, on Apr 9, 2014 11:12:59 PM

HVAC SystemsWith the summer months approaching, many homeowners are looking into their options for air conditioner installations and upgrades. Central AC is the most popular choice for Las Vegas residence. Some important considerations before buying or installing an A/C system are outlined below.

Central AC can be installed two different ways. The first method is placing the unit outside of the house. The second approach is having the compressor and condenser outside, while the evaporator and blower parts of the system are placed on the furnace. A split system saves money because it utilizes the furnace blower to distribute the cool air in the home. Houses that lack air ducts can be cooled with a separate blower. Small spaces may be better served by using a wall or window AC unit.

The size of the unit is most critical factor in choosing an Air Conditioning system. Many people think a bigger unit will always do a better job; this is absolutely not true. An A/C that is too large or too small will be noisy, use too much power and have a shorter lifespan. It is best to have the home assessed by a professional, qualified HVAC technician to determine the proper unit size. Other factors to consider includes the layout of the home, construction materials, architecture, number and direction of windows, and sun and shade distribution. Our cooling comfort specialist will take several measurements to determine the proper Air Conditioner unit size.

Prior to installing an air conditioner, a homeowner should obtain an energy audit that will determine the quality of ducts, sealing and insulation. The audit can help make a house more energy efficient and save the homeowner money with a smaller, less costly air-conditioning system.

For more information about installing and upgrading air-conditioning units, please call The Cooling Company today at 702-567-0707.

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