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Las Vegas Heat Has Come... It's Time For Your Seasonal AC Checkup

by The Cooling Company, on Apr 22, 2014 11:52:36 PM

air conditoiner repairThe weather in Las Vegas, is already beginning to heat up for the summer months. Highs are predicted to exceed its normal 100 degrees as the season progresses, which means, it's time to have that seasonal AC checkup on your home air conditioning system. Don't be left sweating it out because you neglected to have your required A/C repair needs addressed before those sweltering hot days hit the Las Vegas valley.

Although temperatures are already reaching the 90s, it is not too late to have one of our cooling comfort professionals visit your home to perform an inspection. We recommend an annual checkup to all homeowners, no matter the age of the air conditioner. A simple issue left undiagnosed can cause damage that is expensive to repair, and could eventually cause the need for a full system replacement.

Failure to maintain a healthy air conditioning system may be putting your family at risk of reaction to indoor allergens, discomfort from extreme heat, or exposure to bacterial contaminants. Never suffer through dangerous heat waiting on a malfunctioning unit to reduce the temperature. A licensed, trained air conditioner repair technician can diagnose when repairs are required in order to get your system to working at its optimal level. If your system has been exposed to too much damage or is outdated, The Cooling Company's comfort specialists will recommend the most suitable replacement option to fit your need, always taking your budget into consideration.

The Efficiency level of your air conditioning system is a factor that plays a big part in your electric bill. A poorly performing unit has to run more frequently than usual to bring your home to a comfortable living temperature. A clean air filter, full coolant, and properly functioning components are all efficiency factors checked during our Platinum Maintenance Plan inspection. New Energy Star products follow a strict set of guidelines to ensure that any time a full replacement is needed, the initial investment is worth the savings on the monthly electricity bill.

It is never too late to make your cooling system a priority. Give The Cooling Company a call 702-567-0707 for your air conditioning checkup, routine maintenance, a/c repair, or replacement. We are available around the clock to provide adequate care for your home system.

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