HVAC Maintenance Plan & AC Tune Up

It is critical to perform regular preventative maintenance on your heating and air conditioning system to ensure proper safety and efficiency and avoid future expensive repairs. Many Las Vegas homeowners run their AC without thought and end up paying more in the long run. Keep your AC running in top shape with an HVAC maintenance plan.

Just like a car, your air conditioner needs a little bit of routine maintenance to “keep it out of the shop.” A semi-annual inspection is an excellent way to make sure your heating and air conditioning unit is running at optimum levels year after year. The Cooling Co can also perform a tune up on your system to prepare you for the intense summer weather. Save even more with our EXCLUSIVE coupon.

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Platinum Package: 1 Year HVAC Maintenance Plan

Here at The Cooling Company, we give our customers options. Our best service is the affordable TCC Platinum Package Maintenance Plan.

Let us keep your home comfortable.

Each annual membership includes the following benefits:

• 4 filter changes
• 2 complete system tune-ups
• 15% off any heating and air conditioning repairs
• Priority scheduling on holidays and weekends

Prevent Repairs With an AC Tune Up

AC Maintenance ManAll air conditioning and heating equipment should be serviced in the fall and in the spring. Service will ensure proper functionality and help prevent future heating and AC repairs. Our tune ups include checking all the vital systems of your HVAC system, including:

• Proper functionality
• Power
• Checking belts and fans
• Freon/refrigerant levels
• Replacing filters

With an HVAC maintenance plan, you are preventing major breakdowns and costly repairs during the hottest days of the summer, or coldest days in the winter. And if problems DO come up, you’ll get 15% OFF our service!

What We Do

HVAC system maintenanceIn the short term, there are a number of HVAC problems that reduce the efficiency of your system such as dirty air filters. These seemingly small issues put strain on your AC unit and, if unchecked, can cause serious and expensive repairs.

HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS: These issues can be addressed by a professional during an annual maintenance inspection. You can count on us to:

• Balance the temperature
• Clean and/or unclog air ducts
• Adjust fan control
• Clean the heat exchanger
• Align and properly tension blower belts
• Clean gas burners
• Clean the blower blades

Damaged or cracked belts need to be replaced immediately as well. These belts may last a little longer, but a broken belt over a holiday weekend can be a huge problem. These are just a few simple maintenance techniques that can avoid costly repairs (or even new system replacements) in the future.