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Las Vegas Heating & Furnace Repair Service

Paradise, Green Valley, Henderson and Las Vegas Residents.

While winters in Nevada tend to be mild, you know that a properly working furnace is an absolute necessity when the nights get chilly. At The Cooling Company, we service both residential and commercial heating systems and will be at your door when your system needs repairs.

Sometimes it’s impossible to tell when your furnace isn’t operating properly until it breaks down. It could be heating your home or office as usual, but with a reduced efficiency that is making your utility costs go up. Alternatively, you might hear some unusual grinding or clunking noises or find that a strange odor is circulating along with the warm air. Increased energy consumption and strange operating sounds can indicate your furnace is dirty, damaged, or somehow underpowered.

Things To Check Before Calling For Repairs

  • Confirm that your thermostat is at the ‘heat’ setting. Some new homeowners miss this step when summer cools into fall.
  • Check that the furnace power switch is in the ‘on’ position. This switch, which eliminates power to the unit during repairs or an emergency, can be turned off by accident.
  • Verify that the furnace circuit in the electrical panel is switched on. It may have tripped if you recently experienced electrical problems. If you switch it on and it trips again, there may be an issue with the electrical wiring or the furnace.

*Servicing Las Vegas, Henderson and areas near Paradise, Green Valley, Whitney Ranch, Silverado Ranch, Seven Hills and Boulder Highway.


Here at The Cooling Company, we’re often asked how soon can we schedule a visit to a home or business within the Las Vegas Valley.

Expect Our Call

It’s our goal to perform air conditioning repair service calls within 24 hours, and we’re often able to perform them the same day. 

Can't Wait?

During peak summer months, you may want to give us a call first to ensure we’re able to meet these time frames.

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They are the best air conditioner company in Las Vegas . From receiving my call to dispatching technician ,quality and service are excellent .

Thank you guys for helping!

Dado Radonjic

 Outstanding job and thank you for being her within an hour. Danilo very knowledgeable got my AC running in an hour and half my house is getting cold air in. Thank you for the fast service. I would recommend this company to all my friend and family. Thank you for the great service :)

Maha M.

Great Company!! Do not hesitate to call. I have been using them for years, great customer service, pricing and honest. Sam and I recommend this company to all. Being in Las Vegas you need a great company like the Cooling Company.

Dawn B.



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Home Heating Repair Service 

Common Heating and Furnace Problems

Below is a list of common heating and furnace problems, some of which have a DIY solution while others require attention from a qualified HVAC technician:

  • Clogged filters
  • Thermostat issues
  • Fan motor problems

While these are among the most common, there are literally dozens of factors that can cause your HVAC system and furnace to malfunction. At The Cooling Company, we swiftly diagnose and repair problems such as:

  • Damaged limit switches
  • Faulty ignitions
  • Constant cycling on and off
  • Clogged drain lines
  • Heat resets or doesn’t come on
  • Noisy operation


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Any number of issues can arise with your furnace, but if you know what warning signs to look out for, you can call for assistance before they become major issues. Poor air flow is one of the most common problems we see, and it can arise from a number of sources. Your furnace cycles air throughout your home, along with everything else in it.

Clogs can easily form if you don’t switch out your filters frequently enough, which can block the flow of air or even cause safety hazards. Your heater might also have trouble moving air around due to cycling problems, which can happen if your limit switch or thermostat is faulty or broken or if your blower isn’t working. Simple wear and tear can take their toll on your HVAC system as well, and a crack or leaks in a duct can make it difficult to adequately heat your home. Loud noises, such as rattling or pounding, can also indicate air flow problems or loose parts.

Your furnace could also have problems getting enough energy to run. If you have a gas furnace, your oil burner could become clogged if it is dirty, if there is a problem with the limit switch or thermostat, or if it needs more oil. If your furnace is an older model, the pilot light might go out due to excess air flow. With a newer furnace, a faulty igniter could keep you in the cold. If you have an electric furnace that isn’t working, the heating element may need to be replaced. It could also indicate a problem with a circuit breaker or fuse in your home.

A properly maintained furnace can last for several years, but even the most robust system will lose its efficiency and break down over time. Let the heating and cooling repair specialists at The Cooling Company help you keep your home or business comfortable while saving money on your energy bill. To schedule an appointment for planned or emergency repair services, please call 1-702-567-0707.


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