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Las Vegas
Heating Maintenance And Furnace Tune-Up

To ensure your furnace maintains its efficiency throughout the mild.

Performing regular preventative heating maintenance on your furnace is critical to not only ensure efficiency but avoid expensive repairs. Even if your unit is packaged with both air conditioning and heating functions, certain components are only used in heating.

Homeowners in Southern Nevada tend to continuously run their AC units throughout the year while the heating function is only used once a year for a shorter period of time. This means that those components are sitting stagnant for a long time and must be tested before the fall/winter season.

*Servicing Las Vegas, Henderson and areas near Paradise, Green Valley, Whitney Ranch, Silverado Ranch, Seven Hills and Boulder Highway.


Here at The Cooling Company, we’re often asked how soon can we schedule a visit to a home or business within the Las Vegas Valley.

Expect Our Call

It’s our goal to perform air conditioning repair service calls within 24 hours, and we’re often able to perform them the same day. 

Can't Wait?

During peak summer months, you may want to give us a call first to ensure we’re able to meet these time frames.

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"The Cooling Company was exceptionally responsive. Quick service. Did what I needed done and did not overcharge. I highly recommend this company for any and all A/C needs!!."

Robert E. Tschan Col., USMC, Ret

"I've had a wonderful experience with this company. I've used them several years ago - and again, the same, consistent, excellent service, from the person answering the phone to the technician who does the repairs. Today Johnny came by; he was on time, prompt, professional and informative. Thank you very much."

Arsen Baziyants 

"Called because heater was not working. Ended up been broke wire to thermostat. Asked if wire needed to be replace. Said to me there is extra wire for this reason. Fix it quick and had heat again. Awesome service and very trans parent in the steps it take to fix the heater. "

James Cruz 



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Prevent Costly Repairs
with a Furnace Tune Up

Keep your Furnace hot and reliable with a heating maintenance plan.

Preventative maintenance goes a long way to extend the life of your system. During the fall, all heating equipment and functions should be serviced.

Our tune-ups include checking all the vital systems of your HVAC system, including:

  • Check inducer draft motor operation.
  • Check igniter.
  • Inspect and clean flame sensor.
  • Check high limit safety switch.
  • Check burner operation.

At the Cooling Company, we’ll be happy to perform a one-time emergency furnace tune-up to prepare you for those cold desert nights.



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21-Point Heating Maintenance Checklist

A maintained heating system is a safe system

Various minor issues can arise that can reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system. These small issues can put a strain on your furnace and lead to damaging and costly repairs. It is best to have these heating problems addressed by a professional HVAC technician with annual heating maintenance inspections.

During these inspections, you can trust The Cooling Company to:

  1. Visually inspect furnace for oil deposits, debris, etc. Apply pressure gauges to check operating pressures. 
  2. Inspect thermostat function and wiring. Ensure thermostat accuracy.
  3. Inspect ducting and ventilation. Change 1 Inch filters or specialty filters (if applicable). 
  4. Check return and supply air temperatures.
  5. Take a reading of the defrost cycle / supplemental heating and ensure it is at factory specifications.
  6. Check superheat.
  7. Collect amperage and voltage from the blower motor.
  8. Check blower motor function as well as belt tension.
  9. Inspect Blower assembly and bearings.
  10. Clean blower wheel and blower motor with vacuum. 
  11. Inspect and clean flame sensor.
  12. Visually inspect gas line for leaks and that the shut-off valve is functional.
  13. Check gas pressures for manufacturer specifications. 
  14. Inspect ignitor/pilot light for discoloration and efficiency.
  15. Visually inspect the exterior of heat exchanger.
  16. Check furnace exhaust for proper airflow.
  17. Check internal heat exchanger for cracks or discoloration.
  18. Inspect the contactor connection and electrical components.
  19. Check hi limit safety. 
  20. Follow wiring / electrical connections and ensure proper placement.
  21. Inspect disconnect box, confirm correct wire size and tighten connections.

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