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Come work with us! We'll treat you well so you do the same for our customers. 

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Comfort Advisors 

Office Support


Warehouse Support

Warehouse Support

In the heat of the moment,
we stay cool...

HVAC Technician
At The Cooling Company, technicians main duty is to provide heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services to new and existing clients through scheduled appointments.

Commercial Sales HVAC Technician
At The Cooling Company we're always striving to make our family bigger. Our sales specialist works hard everyday to help us bring in new projects so we can keep cooling off Las Vegas.

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The first step to a cooler life...

Comfort Expert
At The Cooling Company we aim to provide our customers all the necessary help in order to be successful onto their quests for an HVAC system. Our Comfort Advisors are trained to give you the best recommendations based on your needs, always with a warm and kind smile

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Always kind, always helpful...

Customer Support Representative
Friendly first point of contact for customers on the phone, always making sure that the needs of the customer are met to the best of the company’s abilities while giving each customer the best experience possible. This includes scheduling technicians in the most efficient way possible according to zone and urgency. Planning ahead, flexibility, and problem solving are necessities in this position.

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Getting better everyday...

As The Cooling Company's management team we do our very best to improve everyday for our customers as well the people working with us. If you'd like to be notified when a new position in the management team comes up, please subscribe with your email below. We'd be more than happy to get you on board! 

Warehouse Support

Inventory Control Coordinator
Organization is a big thing for us! We really appreciate people who are able to keep good track of our products, fulfill purchase orders, and keep warehouse stocked with essential equipment. Do you think you're the one? Well! Let us know. We'd love to know!

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Health Care

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