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A/C Repair Services in Las Vegas

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Efficient Repair Services

Did your Air conditioner go out? Do you need to repair your system before the weather makes it impossible to go a day without it? If you need affordable, efficient, and quality air conditioner repair, The Cooling Company is what you need.

Our repair service is efficient, as we make sure everything is worked on quickly and always accommodating to your needs. Whether you need air conditioning repair, heating repair, or ventilation repair services, The Cooling Company will serve all Las Vegas with quality you can afford.

Our team of professionals knows that leaving a mess is a big inconvenience for you so they make sure to keep everything nice and clean. You can be sure we offer a service you can rely on.

Don’t feel desperate if there’s no solution in sight, our team will help you get things back and running. We are confident that our staff of professionals can give you a proper answer and fix any issue you may have, at the best price in the market and in a fast and efficient fashion. 

We offer:

  • Air conditioning repair services
  • Heater repair services
  • Ventilation repair services



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We help with your AC system

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The most common air conditioner malfunctions that Las Vegas and Henderson homeowners face include:

  • Issues with the condenser, coil, or fan
  • Low refrigerant normally due to a leak
  • Broken or faulty thermostats
  • Condenser capacitor from debris and lack of maintenance
  • Wiring problems
  • Additional issues caused from not changing the air filters inside of your home

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AC Repair

Air Conditioning Repair

Don't worry, we got your back.

Imagine this: it's the middle of the summer, and your air conditioner stops working. What do you do? Don't sweat about it! We'll give you a hint: you call The Cooling Company.

With our fast and professional service, our technicians will be at your home, diagnose the system, and repair it in no time! Our certified technicians are qualified to tackle every curve ball you throw our way. 

Ventilation Repair Services

Bring Your Comfort Back To You

Ventilation can be a real issue that can affect the way your system delivers air all throughout your home. If some rooms in your home are taking longer to cool down or heat up, you might want us to check that. Our ventilation repair services can improve your home's indoor air quality, the airflow, and much more.


Ventilation Repair

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At The Cooling Company, it’s important to us that you make the best decision for your family when it comes to replacing your air conditioning and heating systems.

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Our maintenance options are unlike the others. We focus on comprehensive inspections that help keep your systems running at optimum levels year after year.

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Looking to increase the efficiency and improve the quality of your existing indoor home comfort system? Then we can help you enhance your system to optimal conditions. 

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