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Enhancement Services

All of the jobs we work on are performed by EPA licensed technicians and with quality parts and tools! Remember, these aren't the only services we offer!

Contact us and let's talk about the needs your home has!

Chemical Condenser Coil Cleaning

For outdoor coil cleaning.

We access the coils on your condenser to clean them. We use chemical cleaners and rinse the coils to remove accumulated dirt, dust, or hair.

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Chemical Indoor Coil Cleaning

For indoor coil cleaning.

We access the coils by removing panels and use chemical cleaners and rinse them to remove any accumulated dirt to keep them in optimal conditions.

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Blower Motor/Blower Wheel Clean Up

Cleaning the blower wheel and motor.

We disassemble the blower and clean it to remove any accumulated dirt or debris, as well as cleaning the system from the dirt that fell from the cleaning process.

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Drain Pan Replacement / PVC Line Replacement / Cleanup

Thorough examination and clean up.

We examine the drain line and connections to recommend the best actions to follow, as well as clean them and test them for leaks.

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Duct Cleaning

$69.99 per vent.
Expert cleaning of ducts and vents.

Our techs working on this are absolute experts in duct services. We use several tools to remove any dust, while protecting the system itself.

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Duct Sanitize and Deodorize

$49.99 per system
Keep your ducts sanitized and deodorized.

We use a fogging machine to clean and deodorize the ducts, removing bacteria, mold, and viruses in the process.

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Nitrogen Refrigerant Leak Search and Repair


Finding leaks to keep your system working.

We search for leaks in the refrigerant lines and once they are found we repair them to keep your system in optimal condition.

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Electrical Wiring Repair and Safety Check


Keeping your home safe by checking wires.
Electrical Wiring Repair and Safety Check.jpg

We check the wiring to make sure everything is safe and working correctly, while also repairing any wires that need to be fixed.

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Unit Insulation Glue Repair


Repairing the insulation.

We repair the insulation that has been damaged by the rays from the sun or the heat from the attic, replacing the insulation even if it has blocked a duct completely.

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Thermostat Installation - Labor Only

Installing a thermostat for your comfort.

We install a new thermostat to perfectly work with your system. This is the cost for the installation.

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Indoor Coil Defrost

You can make your own custom layout

When refrigerant restriction causes the coil to build up, we defrost it to bring the system back to conditions where we can diagnose other problems with it.

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