Las Vegas Air Duct & Ventilation Repair Services

the cooling company ventilation repair and replacementAre certain rooms in your home taking longer to cool down than others? Let us improve your home’s air quality and secure your comfort with ventilation repair.

A ventilation system is an essential component to the efficiency of a heating and cooling unit. Such systems provide air supply to rooms where home occupants spend the majority of their time and work to remove toxins and pollutants from your home air supply.

Proper ventilation in your home can ultimately save energy and money.

We service all of Las Vegas including North Las Vegas, Henderson, Green Valley, Summerlin, Paradise, and Winchester.


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Our Home Ventilation Repair Solutions

Heating and cooling systems can operate for decades without being serviced. However, failing to service your HVAC systems regularly could result in problems with your ventilation.

There are several signs that your home ventilation system needs cleaning or maintenance:

  • When there’s no air in some rooms, but it’s perfectly cool/hot air in other rooms this can mean that the ducts are not connected or damaged.
  • When you notice burning smells this can be a sign that the ducts are dirty and need to be cleaned.
  • If the filters are dirtier than usual after 3 months, this could mean that there are rips in the ducting that are causing insulation and additional dust to go through. If duct has damage such as a tear or hole insulation could start to spread inside the home as well as additional dust. Also, you will start to lose the efficiency of the AC or Heating system and will not get the desired temperature.
  • Inadequate insulation surrounding the ducts will cause the cooling or heating mechanism to cool or heat the duct first and take a long time to cool or heat the rooms.
  • Location of the register can have a significant effect on the balance of too much or too little cooling or heating.

To ensure your home ventilation system exceeds your air quality standards, we do the following:

  1. Test for air leaks and air flow.
  2. Relocate and balance air flow.
  3. Repair existing ductwork by sealing minor tears permitting the existing ductwork is acceptable.
  4. Replace insulation surrounding the ductwork.
  5. Clean out ducts.
  6. Change filters regularly to prevent cleaning ducts.

Air Duct Replacement When Repair Isn’t enough

the cooling co installing ductworkWhen your air ducts get old or have damage such as holes or tears in the insulation, they will need to be replaced.

At The Cooling Company, we replace flexible duct. When replacing ducting upstairs, it is possible to replace without cutting into drywall. Downstairs is typically metal duct, and normally we will need to cut an access point through the drywall to replace. Old homes still have metal duct (which usually don’t have insulation), so we would replace this with flexible ducting that has insulation.

By replacing your air ducts, you will get the most from your system, and its efficiency will increase. In addition to this, your new insulation will be of a better quality than your previous older insulation. This allows for proper distribution of cooling and heating.


Get An HVAC Maintenance Plan

Reduce the need for air duct replacement with regular maintenance. We’ll make sure your evaporator coil is cleaned with water or with a chemical coil cleaning and regularly change your air filters to elminate the need for air duct cleaning.

Our Maintenance Plans

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