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Terms and Conditions 

  • Promotion Dates:
To be eligible for the promotion, the homeowner must:
Purchase a qualifying product from a participating Lennox Dealer between March 12, 2018 and June 15, 2018.
• All qualifying equipment must be installed by June 22, 2018.
• All Claims must be submitted within 14 days of installation or by July 6, 2018 whichever occurs first.


  • System Requirements: 

• All Lennox System Rebates require a qualifying indoor unit, qualifying outdoor unit, and a qualifying thermostat.
• XC/XP25 and XC/XP20 units must be paired with an iComfort®-enabled indoor unit and iComfort WI-FI®, iComfort® S30, or iHarmony® thermostat option. The serial number for iComfort WI-FI® Thermostat, iHarmony®, or iComfort® S30 is required for the system rebate.
• Qualifying thermostat options for the remaining system combinations, include iComfort WI-FI® Thermostat, iComfort® S30, iComfort®
E30, Comfort Sense® CS5500,CS7500.
• iHarmony®, iComfort® S30, iComfort® E30 and PureAirTM add on rebates are system add-ons only. They do not qualify for an individual
rebate and cannot be combined with individual unit offers (excludes package units) They must be purchased with a qualifying
system to redeem additional rebate amounts.
• Only equipment and systems listed on promotion are eligible for this offer and are subject to availability.
• Multiple qualifying products may be sold within an individual family or household.
• Serial numbers are required for indoor units, outdoor units and iComfort thermostats. Be sure to keep serial numbers on file.

  • Homeowner Eligibility

• This offer applies to residential installations only. Commercial installations, homebuilder or contractor purchases for new construction, homeowner upgrade through home builder or contractor, installations in multi-family dwellings or any dwelling other than a single-family residence do not qualify for this offer. Submission will not be accepted for retailers, clubs, organizations, wholesalers or contractors.

  • Claim Submission

• Homeowner must receive the rebate offer directly from a participating Lennox dealer.
• The sale and installation of the equipment must fall within the promotional dates to qualify.
• Homeowner must complete their rebate submission online within 14 days of installation or by the claim submission date, whichever
occurs first. Failure to do so will result in the claim being declined.
• Homeowner must enter their REBATE online at: www.lennoxconsumerrebates.com
• Homeowner must also submit a copy of their homeowner invoice.
• Claim review will not begin until proper back-up documentation has been provided.
• Homeowners can redeem only one of the promotional offers per serial number sold.
• This offer will be a Visa® Prepaid debit card sent directly to the homeowner who made the purchase. Debit cards are valid for
12 months from the issue date.
• Please allow 2-4 weeks for Visa® Prepaid debit card processing after claim has been submitted.
• Claims paid on returned products may be subject to reversal.
• Incomplete, illegible, early or late submissions will be declined.
• Lennox is not responsible for lost/missing paperwork.
• Lennox reserves the right to request additional information to validate a claim and to inspect any installation that is a part of
this program.

  • Claim Documentation

A homeowner invoice is required for each homeowner claim submission and should be attached online at the time the claim is entered.
Invoice to the Homeowner
The following must be included on the invoice in order for the claim to be processed:
• Dealer name and address
• Invoice number
• Homeowner name and installation address
• All model numbers including thermostat(s)
• Serial number of the products being claimed (equipment sticker is acceptable)
• Date of installation (Do Not use dealer invoice date, or paid date if it is not the same as the installation date.)
Completed Consumer Rebate Submission Form
• Please fill out in its entirety. Failure to do so could delay the processing of the rebate.
• If there is an error with the claim and additional information is required, 360 Insights will send an email directly to the homeowner
notifying them of the error. Homeowner email is required for claim status notification.

  • Claim Status:

Homeowners can check the status of their claim at www.lennoxconsumerrebates.com. Dealers can view claim status on LennoxPros® via Sales Tools> Consumer Rebates (Under Promotions)> Check Claim Status. If a claim needs further follow up, the email address
provided upon entry of the claim will receive a weekly email until the information is provided or until the promotion paperwork end


  • Claim Deadlines:

All rebates must be submitted by the end of the claim period. Any claims submitted beyond the promotional period will be at the
Dealers expense. Lennox will not be responsible for sharing the cost of the homeowner rebate.


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