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Jorge was born and raised in Mexico. Having the opportunity to build his own path, he chose to be a tech. Being an HVAC tech is a very challenging but rewarding career.

There is always something new to learn every day. This always keeps Jorge motivated to go to his next call. It is priceless to leave a customer with a smile on their face and a comfortable home.

Jorge is very glad to be a part of a team as supportive as The Cooling Company that encourages professional growth. Jorge is very thankful to be in a position where he can continue his education, because his job allows him to learn new things everyday.

Jorge's interests fall in automotive culture, several sub-genres of music, and online content creation. On his free time, Jorge visits the gym regularly. For fun, he likes to travel, try new food and do less exciting things like play video games and watch tv series like most people. 


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