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We are happy to announce that you are a member now. The Comfort Club is the only membership that will help you take care of your comfort and help you save money while doing it!

Learn about the benefits you receive as an exclusive member.


Now that you are part of our ultimate membership, you can access all our discounts just by singing in to our shop!
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The Comfort Club List Of Benefits

You're a VIP

We take the opportunity to take care of you very seriously. When you need help, you come first, and when there's something we can do to make your life more comfortable, we'll make sure to do everything we can to help you. Ask for one of Club Advisors to learn how they can help you.

Equipment Warranty

Get a priceless equipment lifetime labor warranty on all new equipment and systems bought from and installed by The Cooling Company. When you buy something it should work. We'll do our part to make sure you only pay for us to install a component once.

Part Warranty

Get a part lifetime labor warranty on all parts that we repair in your home. Having to replace a minor component after the original manufacturer's warranty has ended is a major bummer. We take care of the labor so you don’t have to.

You Come First!

You're always first in our schedule! As a Comfort Club member, you get priority scheduling with any kind of visit from our experts. We make sure to have a special queue and schedule just to make sure we can take care of all our member’s needs.

Next Day Installations

Call us to buy a new complete indoor home comfort system, and our experts will make sure that we can have that new system installed and properly cooling or heating your home the next day as long as we have the system in stock. We most likely do. ;)

Unit Diagnostic and Service Visit

As a member you get FREE service visits and unit diagnostics. This allows us to waive the $49 consultation fee you would normally pay per system. If you feel like something isn’t working right you can give us a call and get the help you deserve.

Fresh Filters

Is your filter dirty and ready to be replaced? Get $7.99 (originally $39.99) filter change visits. We make sure that you have fresh, quality filters. We’ll even remind you based on your preferences. We recommend replacing your 1 inch filter every 3 months.

Comprehensive Affordable Tune-Ups

Get a comprehensive seasonal tune-up that doesn’t break the bank! Pay only $23.99 for our 21 point tune-up plus filter change visit, instead of the regular $69. We make sure that your system is operating at peak efficiency all year long.

10% Off New Indoor Comfort System

Purchasing a new air conditioning system for their home is one of the largest investments most people make in a lifetime. We'll make sure you get the best deal with 10% off, lifetime labor warranties, and that’s just the beginning.

Stay Local

Not only do you get benefits and discounts with us, you also get exclusive discounts with hundreds of local businesses in the Las Vegas valley and Southern Nevada Area. Check out our Partners Page to learn more!

20% Off Refrigerant

Get a 20% discount on all the refrigerant your system will need! Now that's a bargain! With the rising cost of refrigerant, we want to make sure that our premier clients aren’t affected. If your system needs more refrigerant, you can remain at ease, 'cause you will have that special discount!

20% Off Repairs and Services

If your system is acting up, you can stay calm when you're part of our club! You get 20% off all repairs and services. We'll make sure that an unwanted repair or a wanted enhancement is accessible for your home and business. Plus, we'll make the recommendations that bring the most value to your life.

30% Off Indoor Air Quality Products

If you want to improve your home's Indoor Air Quality, you're in luck! Get 30% OFF IAQ systems and accessories. After all, the air you breathe is one of the most important things to your life. How often have you thought about the horrible chemicals, odors, and bacteria that live in the air you breathe.

Active Alerts

When something happens, you probably want to know about it. You'll get active response from The Cooling Company for any and all iComfort Alerts from your thermostat. This helps us identify challenges in time, preventing further damages and costly repairs.

Free Battery Replacement

If your thermostat battery is out, there's nothing to worry about! The Comfort Club includes FREE thermostat battery replacements. Just give us a call, we’re happy to help you. Expert Tip: Ask us how we can get rid of the need to use a battery!.

Refer a Friend

Whenever you refer a friend and they join The Comfort Club, both you and your referral get 1 month for free ($19.99 value each). Go and tell all your friends and family! Want a free year of the membership? It’s quite easy to do with the referral program.

System Referrals Galore

If a free month isn't enough, check this out. When you refer a friend to buy a new system, you get $250 in referral credit (Originally $100 for non-members). We want everyone you know to have the most comfortable homes possible.  Let us teach you how.

Beautiful and Modern

Typography, spacing and all elements fit together perfectly for a great aesthetic sense and feeling.

Complete Control

We created this plan with you, the homeowner, in mind. You have complete control over how your system is maintained, so you decide what you want and when you want it. Just let us know your preferences and we'll do the rest.


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