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You invest a lot of money in your facility, so you want to know that your expensive air conditioning equipment is in good hands. Trust in The Cooling Co when you need service from dependable commercial HVAC contractors to work on your Lennox system. Our experienced team performs commercial AC installations and repairs throughout Las Vegas, Henderson, and the surrounding areas.

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Turn to the Expert Commercial HVAC Service That Can Handle a Marijuana Cultivation Facility!

From Lennox rooftop units to commercial air conditioner maintenance that saves you money, we’re committed to serving our customers in the Las Vegas valley. We’ve handled a number of commercial projects, including a marijuana grow facility, which is one of the hardest industrial HVAC installations there is. We took care of:

  • Cooling for lights that produce more than 120,000 BTUs per room
  • Up to 14 tons of AC equipment per room
  • Dual humiditrol to control humidity within a range of 10%
  • 14 total AC units (only 2 required for a regular building of the same size)

$150,000 in product is on the line if HVAC equipment fails. In addition, with all of the special equipment required to maintain precision climate control, we used high-efficiency units to cut their power bill dramatically.

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If we can handle those specifications, your commercial air conditioning repair project will be a piece of cake!

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Ensure your factory, warehouse, office building or commercial facility benefits from experience and high-quality service for industrial air conditioning repair services. We offer 24-7 support to meet your needs. Call us at 702-567-0707 to schedule your appointment with us today!